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With the new capability, we no longer have to worry about the obsolescence of the system and we now can engage the business with the channels of their preferenceonline and offline with the best in class solutions deployed


In today’s world, technology has been playing important role in everyone’s life. With the mobile-centric lifestyle, Smartphone and Tablet devices have also become a necessity, not just a communication device. When these devices are used to carry transactions through the Internet of Things (IoT) that do everything through the internet, everything refers to one’s personal identity. There are so many cyber threats that come in various forms and no one can never be careful enough. These threats may be password leaks, identification theft to counterfeit transaction, financial transaction theft, malware, ransomware, all of which result in both personal and organization property losses. Cyber threats occur at both the individual and organizational levels. See below Solutions on how we can protect you!!!

Speech Technology​

Explosion Of Speech Analytics

We have witnessed the explosion of voice recognition apps. Some claims better accuracy than others, whatever the case, it is a strong indication that speech recognition’s time has come, and that you can expect plenty more apps in the future. The quality of speech recognition apps will improve, too. For instance, Sensory’s Truly hands free Voice Control can hear and understand you, even in noisy environments. These are no longer merely good to have applications but real tech-meaty, pain points savior in many real-life businesses use cases.

Our leading speech to text solutions not only let you control your devices by voice or convert voice to text–they’ll also support multiple languages with natural language understanding or NLU.

With our leading edge acoustic and language module, we offer real speech recognisation-enabled applications REAL-TIME in your business use cases, such as real-time call center assist functions, voice activated CRM call-outs to assist new agents and empower them with information to handles the call at hand.
At the same time, voice prompts authentication and identification handles, promoting efficiency and ensures compliance.
Your agents will not miss out important compliance statements, and also our QC solution help to mitigate risk management versus QC in voice recording.


As everyone starts becoming more comfortable speaking aloud to their mobile gadge ts, speech recognition technology will likely spill over into other types of devices. It isn’t hard to imagine a near future when we’ll be commanding our coffee makers, talking to our printers, and telling the lights to turn themselves off. However, IRMA Insights helps you to leverage STT in the following user cases:
– Inputing corresponding record via speech
– Real-time voice recognition
– Improves customer service staff business efficiency
– Provides supervision and assistance for CC supervisor
– Voice Recognition processing for massive volume of recording files
– Automation responses through voice recognition
Call Centers REALTIME STT Apps
Realtime STT applications promotes higher agent call handling efficiency through greater empowerment
Realtime STT triggers script, process flow guides, knowledge base and activate CTI screenpop information needed for the conversation to agent screen. Agent no longer need to search for the information but it gets pushed automatically via voice recognition.
Ensure greater compliance and mitigate risk in QC process
ASR Solutions
Ensure shorter cuts to customers’ preferred IVR destinations
Ensure shorter cuts to customers’ preferred IVR destinations
NLU allows more accuracy in the voice commands recognition
With a highly reliable and accurate language module, our callsciber is used in many applications.
Minuting important meetings can never be so reliable, because over time, machines learning produce even more alarming accuracy.
Application in Medical records, court proceedings transcribing. Accurate and efficient.

Voice Analytics​

Customer Interaction Center​

Omni Channel Contact Centers Solutions

Paper Advertisement and many traditional advertising media has seen its pot of Gold disrupted and fast becoming a thing of the past. Social media and other digital media is fast becoming the rage of the new centennial.

Any Device, Any Channel, Every Interaction

Provide customers with the perfect experience, enabling them to use any device—mobile, web, phone—at any point in their interaction. Preserve context throughout their journeys by capturing all interaction data. Combine past interaction info from your existing systems with real-time experience data from Avaya Oceana. Then pair customers with the right agents and resources using attribute matching. Transitions are seamless—agents will have the right knowledge, so there’s no need to ask customers to repeat themselves

Irma’s customer interaction center solution helps improve the customers SLA to their end clients, its engine captures every interaction data and IRMA analytics translate this into actionable insights.

IRMA call scriber applications converts inventories of call recordings into searchable texts, and into data that can be analysed into marketable insights. For example, insurance industry uses our call scriber to analyse call recordings translated into texts, and improve the detection rate of risks in the calls.

IRMA Call Center Reports – Customisable to your call center matrices for training, sales analytics, risk management, process improvement, productivity and many applications.

IRMA represents the leader in inbound and outbound call centers solution. Experience in designing, implementation, project management, and operating more than 10,000 seats in the Asian region, IRMA is a leader in complex interaction center solutions.

We offers build to own, or leasing or outsourcing options for our clients. Call us for more information.

Company Profile

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Company Profile​

The founders of IRMA Insights combine years of experience in Information Technology (Data / Voice / Video / Infrastructure), Direct Marketing, Telemarketing, Digital and Media Marketing.

Understanding the evolution in consumers’ behaviour, IRMA adopts a direct approach by segmentising its big data, providing thus maximising returns and minimising marketing dollars through effective marketing channels.


The ability of the chatbot to understand incoming text messages from consumers, extract intent from their message and select and send the appropriate response without requiring to use specific command words. Through ASR/TTS providers like Nuance and Lumenvox, CXP can deliver a natural speech for IVR/voice self-service flows.Why it’s important: It’s more natural and easier for consumers to understand how to use it. Allows consumers to say “What’s my balance” or “Account balance” instead of forcing them to text #BAL for getting account balance. Note: Aspect NLU is a component of CXP provided free of cost to CXP customers. It is not sold or charged for separately. IRMA has vast experience in designing and managing IT and security projects for its clientele, it has developed a strong infocomm know-how to support its marketing business activities with a distribution channels over multimedia platform.

IRMA Insights Invested Half a Million USD in Its First Foray in AmiVoice Real-time STT (Japan Leader in Speech Technology)

Irma insights group forged partnership with Advanced Media, Inc. for IRMA Insights group of companies to provide state-of-the-art real-time speech to text technologies to companies in Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. This is one of the group’s key initiatives into the artificial intelligence in speech analytics, especially in the area of contact center intelligences.



ADVANCED MEDIA INC., Showcases state-of-the-art realtime speech-to-text call center solutions in AI EXPO JAPAN 2018

AI EXPO is Japan’s largest show specialised in artificial intelligence, gathering 400 exhibitors and 50,000 visitors.AMI, a listed company (TYO: 3773), is Japan’s largest provider of speech technology, and currently holds the largest market share regarding speech recognition technology as a pure-speech technology play company in Japan. AMI’s core technology “AmiVoice®” is a global technology leader in speech recognition, and the company has the goal of making it the de-facto standard interface technology for voice products within Asia.IRMA Insights is a leader in the Information Technology Industry specializing in Unified Communications. IRMA Insights is today the technology vendors for many Multi-National Companies such as Citibank, Toshiba, Chubb Insurance, AIA, Prudential, Bank Of Ayudhya to name a few. IRMA believes that it can forged its leadership position in the communication arena with AMI speech technology amongst its other analytics solution.

Our History​

IRMA Management Team is a spin-off from a multinational outsourcing company, IRMA inherited a wealth of experience in data video & voice, physical and network security from its founders, being pioneers from SingTel / Telecoms Equipment. And combining and integrating these with years of reputable projects experience, formulating its very own competency in project consultation best practice in the niche area of data / voice / video and security for its clientele in the ASEAN Plus region.

IRMA has vast experience in designing and managing IT and security projects for its clientele, it has developed a strong infocomm know-how to support its marketing business activities with a distribution channels over multimedia platform

Our Value​​

Delivering Excellence

We strive for the highest professional standards in our work and aim to be the best in everything we do.

One Partnership​

We partner our employees and customers alike. They are foremost in our minds all the time. We go the extra mile to exceed their expectations. We partner our customers and deliver service excellence grow our business together. We partner our staffs, treating them with respect and dignity. We provide them with appropriate training and development, preparing them for a fulfilling career path.


We strive for fairness in all our business and working relationships.

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